Monorail System with Integrated Bridge Crane - Doornenbal Poedercoaters BV

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Monorail Doornenbal
Monorail Doornebal
monorail Doornenbal
Monorail Doornebal
Monorail Doornebal
monorail Doornenbal

Railtechniek van Herwijnen BV has implemented a manual monorail system at Doornenbal Poedercoaters BV in Wenendal, The Netherlands. Doornenbal Poedercoaters BV specialises in powder coating various products. Railtechniek van Herwijnen BV has supported Doornenbal Poedercoaters BV in developing a complete powder coating line.


Doornenbal Poedercoaters BV


The overhead conveyor system we have installed consists of two integrated, manually operated multi-track overhead bridge cranes. These bridge cranes easily connect to the rail tracks in the buffer zone and processing chambers. Railtechniek also designed and supplied the metal structure supporting the monorail track. In the pre-processing chambers, an oscillating device moves the products back and forth. The oscillation of the products ensures a complete surface treatment.

The layout of the monorail system has been configured as efficiently as possible, allowing Doornenbal Powdercoaters BV to apply powder coatings to products in a relatively small space.

Key features of this system:

  • Economical solution
  • Small space
  • Low cost
  • Single loads up to 2000 kg
  • Possibility to add automation
  • Easy to expand

For more information about Doornenbal Poedercoaters BV, visit http://www.poedercoaters.nl/

A video of the transport system can be seen below: