Control Systems

We develop and program custom-made, intelligent control systems for our clients in-house at our location in Tiel.

These systems are used to control our automated transport systems such as Overhead conveyors, Power & Free conveyors, and Floor conveyors. Coupled with our rail systems and production units, such as robot spraying cabins and ovens, these control systems play a crucial role in ensuring that the production process runs failure-free and is optimized for efficiency.

Various options for control systems include:

  • Visualization - A graphic dynamic system view with a touchscreen menu-driven panel
  • Track and Trace - Real-time production status to the product level
  • System integration - Horizontal integration with related processes and vertical  integration with enterprise software (ERP)
  • Intelligent process control - Remote support through VPN and failure/maintenance registration
  • Quality registration - Registration of process parameters, validation, and reports