Dunnewolt Monorail Systems

Dunnewolt Gravity Assisted Manual Conveyors for industrial laundries can be divided into the following system types:

  • D1 Storage soiled system
  • D2 Soiled system
  • D3 Clean system

With almost 50 years of experience in the industry, Dunnewolt systems are world renowned for their sorting and handling systems for commercial and industrial laundries. Our team at Dunnewolt strive to reach the highest levels of efficiency and quality, while delivering a logistics system custom built to suit your needs. 

Dunnewolt aims to take care of each phase of the logistics process, from start to finish. Our systems are designed to increase efficiency, save labor and time and reduce overall costs. Our tailor-made control management systems form a fundamental part of the installation, which are made in close collaboration with our clients and are extensively tested before being commissioned. 

The connectivity of the automated system guarantees maximum efficiency of every part of the production process. This means ensuring that stagnations are minimized, production loads are enhanced and the usage of the system’s capacity is optimized. All of this is easily controlled via the control panels connected to the system, offering a user-friendly experience for the operators. 

With our state-of-the-art production techniques and team of highly-skilled designers and engineers, we at Dunnewolt are prepared to equip you with one of the most efficient and reliable laundry systems available in the market today.