240.000 Manual Monorail

RTN 240.000 Monorail Conveyor Specifications:

Track Size: 74x74mm (WxH)
Track Load: 500kg/m
Load Limit: 1000kg*

* depending on the trolley type used and product carrier configuration

The RTN 240.000 monorail conveyor (formally ROB)  is the simplest form of transportation system we offer and lies at the heart of your internal production processes. The extensive range of this system includes profiles, bends, and switches for different types of loads.

The monorail system is modular making it easy to build and expand according to the customer's wishesComponents include drop sections for ergonomic loading, a chain transfer system, automatic loading and unloading zones, bridge cranes, rotation units and more.

Moving the loads is a manual operation. However, it is possible to develop automated sections using chain conveyors and pneumatic pusher systems depending on the requirements of your production processes.

It’s possible to (partially) automate the manual system using various solutions like chain conveyors or pneumatic pusher systems. 


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