F2 Power & Free Floor Conveyor (Wide Track)

F2 wide track Power and Free
F2 Power and Free
F2 Lay-out

F2 Wide Track Conveyor Specifications:

Max. Carrier Load:

One trolley:  250kg
Two trolleys: 500kg

The F2 Wide Track Power & Free Floor Conveyor System is specially designed for stable transportation of products such as plastic automotive parts and aluminum wheels
This is our newest product offering for floor conveyor systems, specially designed for the surface treatment industry

The wide track configuration compared to a regular track allows the transport of heavier loads in an extremely stable manner, thereby increasing the efficiency of the production process. Specialized components for extremely precise positioning such as oscillating pushers for pre-treatment and rotation units to ensure an equal surface treatment finish, can also be installed.

Our wide-track systems can be fully automated to suit the client’s needs, giving them full control of the process flow and increasing overall production output. The F2 wide track system is able to carry the product through flash-off zones, spray cabins, powder coating units, washing areas, pretreatment areas, as well as drying and curing ovens. The track’s low profile also means that it is ideal for installations that utilize pick & place robots.

The track is based on the reliable Teleflex T1 Power & Free conveyor using the standard D8 chain. Standard components such as trolleys, horizontal and vertical bends, drive units, switches, rotation units, lubricator units, etc are available.